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October 17, 2003

It's another dip into the pile of new releases.

Selection Source Performer(s) Comments
Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist Avenue Q (OC 2003) John Tartaglia, Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada As I noted in the October 3rd show, Avenue Q is basically an adult send-up of Sesame Street with a cast of humans and Muppet-style puppets (without the approval or participation of Jim Henson's organization, of course) offering helpful advice to the struggling young folks trying to make a living and find love on Avenue Q. In this song, Princeton, Kate Monster, Brain, Christmas Eve and Gary Coleman (who is played by a woman) face up to the face that nobody is entirely without prejudice.
Mix Tape Avenue Q (OC 2003) John Tartaglia, Stephanie D’Abruzzo Romance begins to blossom between Princeton and Kate Monster as the latter ponders the meaning of the music tape the former has given her.
Sweetriver Lost in Boston (2003) Sally Mayes This new Fynsworth Alley CD features songs cut from major Broadway shows in previews. This one was dropped from 110 in the Shade (based on N. Richard Nash's play The Rainmaker) by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt (best known for The Fantasticks). The song was originally intended to introduce the "old maid" heroine Lizzie, who has returned from her vacation in Sweetriver without having found romance.
Mark’s All-Male Thanksgiving Elegies (OC 2003) Michael Rupert A cross between a song cycle and musical theatre, Elegies was written by William Finn as a tribute to friends and family members who have died. The titular Mark in this song is lawyer and activist Mark Thalen. Finn is best known as the composer of one-act musicals In Trousers, March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland , the last two of which were later combined into a full-length show known simply as Falsettos.
C'est la Vie Seventh Heaven (OC 1955) Robert Clary, Chorus Based on the hit 1922 play of the same name, Seventh Heaven had music by Victor Young, lyrics by Stella Unger and a book by Unger and Victor Wolfson. It’s a love story about Diane (Gloria de Haven), a prostitute and nightclub singer (in the original she was just a poor girl who resorted to theft to survive), and Chico (Ricardo Montalban) a sewer cleaner who aspires to higher things – like cleaning streets instead. Despite some good reviews, the show closed after 44 performances. The original cast recording has just been re-issued on Decca.
Remarkable Fellow Ricardo Montalban, Chorus Sewer cleaner or not, Chico has a high opinion of himself and his appeal to the ladies.

Acronyms and other mysteries defined:

OC: Unless otherwise indicated, the Original Cast recording of a Broadway show, along with the date.

OS: Unless otherwise indicated, the Original Soundtrack recording of a film, TV show, etc.

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