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March 1, 2005

I sample some new releases, including Valentine by cabaret artist Sally Mayes and the original cast recording of the (so far) unproduced musical Sundown, based on the legend of the Gunfight at the OK Corral. I also chat with veteran St. Louis radio personalities Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic.

Selection Source Performer(s) Comments
Ugly Man's Clothes Retail Comedy at Wholesale Prices Stevens and Grdnic Now at two locations: in the city at the bus terminal and in the county at the bus terminal.
Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner Trekkies 2: The Official Soundtrack Warp 11 Warp 11 is a heavy metal Star Trek band, which must be the ultimate in niche marketing. Their latest CD is Boldly Go Down On Me (their first was Suck My Spock). Honest. This is why comedy is so hard to write.
Common People Has Been William Shatner and Joe Jackson Had producer/arranger Ben Folds been around when Shatner cut his infamous Transformed Man LP back in the 1960s, it would never have become a camp classic. Here, performing songs based on his own life, Shatner actually produces a solid pop album.
Familiar Love Has Been William Shatner; Benita Hill, Laurie Wheeler, Rick Wheeler, Curt Bol (backup vocals) There is, in fact, a great deal to be said for the cozy familiarity of a long-term relationship, and ol' Bill says it pretty well here.
Has Been Has Been William Shatner; Joe Jackson, Sebastian Steinberg, Jon Auer, John Mark Pointer (backup vocals) Shatner confronts the people who use "has been" as an insult when they have never been at all.
Wally Ballou at the Fire Engine Factory Self Bob and Ray Wally tries to keep cool as the factory burns down.
What Is a Bozo? Bozo and Pals - Get Down With the Clown William Shatner Shatner recites on ode to his pal Bozo. Honest. This is another reason why writing comedy can be so difficult.
This Bus Won't Go to War Fighting Clowns The Firesign Theatre "Everyone's a Bozo on this bus / Zips and Beaners sittin' next to us / Are you a hostage, are you a spy / Or just some berserker who's prepared to die?"
Fast Food The Greatest Novelty Records of All Time Stevens and Grdnic Speaking of going berserk...
Marijuana Helper Somewhere Over the Radio Stevens and Grdnic Chronologically, of course, Marijuana Helper normally goes before fast food.
Interview, Part 1 Self Ron Stevens, Joy Grdnic, Chuck Lavazzi We discuss how they got started in radio and what it was like writing for WKRP in Cincinnati.
Sponge Bob QueerPants Self Stevens and Grdnic The right-wing nightmare.
Michael Jackson Trial Re-Enactment Self Stevens and Grdnic Speaking of nightmares: would YOU want to be the guy who plays Michael Jackson?
Interview, Part 2 Self Ron Stevens, Joy Grdnic, Chuck Lavazzi We take a look inside, among other things.
First Witness News Self Stevens and Grdnic Why being first isn't necessarily a good thing.
Interview, Part 3 Self Ron Stevens, Joy Grdnic, Chuck Lavazzi A few parting words.
Onion Radio News 18 The Onion's Finest News Reporting Doyle Redland Taco Bell Launches New "Morning After" Burrito (we hear the Bush administration wants it banned).
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Chapter 12 ("Alice's Testimony") Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Cyril Ritchard, New York Woodwind Quintet Alice upsets the court, wakes up and goes in to tea, after which her sister has a vision of Alice's future. The end.
Economics 2 The Ten Minute University John Moschitta Your $.02 worth isn't actually worth $.02.
Arizona Morning Sundown (OC 2004) Steve Blanchard Sundown is a new musical about Doc Holliday with music by Peter Link, lyrics by Larry Rosler and a book by Joe Bravaco and Larry Rosler. It began as an ASCAP workshop production in 2000. The world premiere took place in Dallas in 2002. The show was also mounted by the Barter Theatre in Abingdon VA in 2003. In this opening number, Holliday decides to leave Arizona for the east before his luck runs out.
Politickin' Sundown (OC 2004) Steve Blanchard, Patrick Ryan Sullivan, Dennis Deal, Jimmy Bennett Doc and Virgil Earp urge Wyatt to use more politics and less force in dealing with the Clantons.
Sundown Sundown (OC 2004) Steve Blanchard, Julia Wade Doc catches Billy Clanton cheating at cards, calls him on it, and is beaten nearly to death. As The Woman in Black (a.k.a. The Angel of Death) looks on, Doc again vows to leave while he still can.
Gunfight At The O.K. Corral - Suite Way Out West Jason Howard, Crouch End Festival Chorus, City of Prague Philharmonic conduced by Nic Raise The score is by Dimitri Tiomkin and the lyrics for the title song by Ned Washington.
The Ballad of Irving When You're in Love the Whole World is Jewish Frank Gallop Recorded live, this was a follow-up to the highly successful 1965 live comedy album You Don't Have to be Jewish.
Sugar / Is It Hot Up Here? Valentine Sally Mayes This medley links up a jazz number by saxophonist Stanley Turrentine with a song by Michele Brouerman and Amanda McBroom
In the Name of Love Valentine Sally Mayes Mayes provides some fancy jazz vocals in this version of this Kenny Rankin / Estelle Levitt tune.
No Love, No Nothing Valentine Sally Mayes This Harry Warren / Leo Robin number is from the 1943 film The Gang's All Here. The elaborate jazz vocalese is by Mayes.
Alice Faye / Bette Davis Ladies of the Silver Screen KT Sullivan Sullivan notes that Alice Faye was always playing The Constant Woman - which she regards as one of the great myths of Western culture.
They're Either Too Young Or Too Old Ladies of the Silver Screen KT Sullivan From the 1943 film Thank Your Lucky Stars, here's another song (by Arthur Schwartz and Frank Loesser) about the difficulty of finding available men during World War II. It was introduced by that great songstress, Bette Davis.
Turn Me Loose On Broadway Hollywood Hi-Fi Bette Davis Speaking of which, here's Davis herself in a number from her misbegotten 1952 Broadway show Two's Company. It got panned by everyone and ran for 90 sold-out performances (nobody can resist gawking at an disaster, either on the highway or on stage) before Davis quit, claiming an infected tooth. The original cast recording has been described as "not for the faint at heart or for those who demand perfect pitch from their leading ladies".

Acronyms and other mysteries defined:

OC: Unless otherwise indicated, the Original Cast recording of a Broadway show, along with the date.

OS: Unless otherwise indicated, the Original Soundtrack recording of a film, TV show, etc.

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