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October 15, 2006

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Reviewed: The soundtracks from Hollywoodland and Jet Li's Fearless; the original cast recordings of Tarzan and The Drowsy Chaperone; The Broadway Musicals of 1963 and music from Cirque du Soleil's Quidam. Interviewed: Merle Dandridge, who plays Kala in the Broadway cast of Tarzan. Listen Now!, courtesy of

Track lists for discs reviewed in this episode:
Hollywoodland (OS) - Decca
  1. Leon Klatzkin: Superman M E
  2. The Platters: The Great Pretender
  3. Frankie Laine: On the Sunny Side of the Street
  4. Lionel Hampton: Flying Home
  5. Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley
  6. Conway Twitty: It's Only Make Believe
  7. The Arturo O'Farrill Orchestra: El Cumbanchero
  8. John Coltrane: Theme from Ernie
  9. Little Richard: The Girl Can't Help It
  10. King Pleasure: You're Crying
  11. The Arturo O'Farrill Orchestra: Elephant Walk
  12. Jerry Butler: He Will Break Your Heart
  13. Buster Brown: Fannie Mae
  14. Arturo O'Farrill And The Chico O'Farrill Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra: At Last
Jet Li's Fearless (OS) - Lakeshore
Original score composed and conducted by Shigeru Umebayashi
  1. Opening Title - Wu Shu Jing Shen
  2. Shanghai Fight
  3. Kids
  4. Master Huo's Fight
  5. Kids 2
  6. Kids 3
  7. Huo Yuanjia's Theme
  8. Tianjin Fight
  9. Mrs. Huo / Action
  10. Huo Yuanjia And Master Qin
  11. Yuanjia And Qin
  12. Qin Enters
  13. Sword And Fist
  14. Man's Theme
  15. Yuanjia's Sorrow
  16. Mother & Daughter
  17. Yuanjia Falls
  18. Village Flute / Children Play With Dragonflies
  19. Village Flute Solo
  20. Season Changes
  21. Moon Explains
  22. Yuanjia And Moon
  23. A Long Road Home
  24. Jinsun And Yuanjia
  25. Shanghai Fight 2
  26. Action 5
  27. Jinsun And Yuanjia 2
  28. The School Opens
  29. Habanera From Carmen
  30. Hasu - Tea Ceremony
  31. Wu Shu Jing Shen
  32. Tanaka Fight
  33. Final Fist 1
  34. Final Fist 2
  35. Fearless Men / Theme Of Yuanjia And Moon
  36. Ending - Wu Shu Jing Shen
Comedy Break: Unisex Stereo (Stevens and Grdnic)
Interview with Merle Dandridge about her role of Kala in Tarzan: The Broadway Musical and her experiences in the small theatre scene in Chicago.
Tarzan: The Broadway Musical (OC) - Disney
Music composed by Phil Collins
    Josh Strickland and Ensemble: Two worlds
  1. Merle Dandridge and Ensemble: You'll be in my heart
  2. Chester Gregory II and Daniel Manche: Who better than me
  3. Shuler Hensley: No other way
  4. Alex Rutherford: I need to know
  5. Chester Gregory II, Josh Strickland and Ensemble: Son of man
  6. Merle Dandridge and Shuler Hensley: Sure as the sun turns to moon
  7. Jenn Gambatese and Ensemble: Waiting for this moment
  8. Josh Strickland: Different
  9. Chester Gregory II and Ensemble: Trashin' the camp
  10. Jenn Gambatese and Tim Jerome: Like no man I've ever seen
  11. Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese and Ensemble: Strangers like me
  12. Jenn Gambatese and Josh Strickland: For the first time
  13. Chester Gregory II: Who better than me {reprise}
  14. Alex Rutherford, Josh Strickland, Merle Dandridge and Ensemble: Everything that I am
  15. Josh Strickland and Jenn Gambatese: You'll be in my heart {reprise)
  16. Merle Dandridge: Sure as the sun turns to moon {reprise}
  17. Jenn Gambatese, Josh Strickland and Ensemble: Two worlds {finale}
  18. Phil Collins: Everything that I am {bonus track}
Comedy Break: Joe Brackne (Stevens and Grdnic)
The Broadway Musicals of 1963 - Bayview
  1. Company: Consider Yourself
  2. Euan Morton: Everything Beautiful Happens at Night
  3. George Dvorsky: Tonight at Eight
  4. Nancy Anderson: I've Been Invited to a Party
  5. Liz Callaway: Simple Little Things
  6. George Dvorsky, Julis Murney: All for You
  7. Euan Morton: Reviewing the Situation
  8. Julia Murney: Don't Laugh
  9. Nancy Anderson: Will He Like Me?
  10. Liz Callaway: Vanilla Ice Cream
  11. The Ron Patterson Little Big Band: Tina-a-Ling Dearie
  12. George Dvorsky: Lonely
  13. Julia Murney: Is Is Really Me?
  14. Nancy Anderson, Euan Morton: Uh-Oh!
  15. Stephen Bogardus: I'll Remember Her
  16. Nancy Anderson: You Don't Know
  17. Liz Callaway: Old Maid
  18. Euan Morton: Where Is Love?
  19. Stephen Bogardus: Melisande
  20. Julia Murney: As Long As He Needs Me
  21. Company: Grand Knowing You
The Drowsy Chaperone (OC) - Ghostlight
Music and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison, book by Bob Martin and Don McKellor
  1. Orchestra: Overture
  2. Bob Martin: Hello
  3. Company: Fancy Dress
  4. Bob Martin: Percy Hyman
  5. Troy Britton Johnson, Eddie Korbich: Cold Feets
  6. Bob Martin: The Ooops Girl
  7. Sutton Foster, Company: Show Off
  8. Bob Martin: Beatrice Stockwell
  9. Beth Leavel: As We Stumble Along
  10. Bob Martin: Roman Bartelli
  11. Danny Burstein, Beth Leavel: I Am Aldolpho
  12. Troy Britton Johnson, etc.: Accident Waiting To Happen
  13. Bob Martin: The Tall Brothers
  14. Garth Kravitz, Jason Kravitz, Lenny Wolpe: Toledo Surprise
  15. Company: Act 1 Finale
  16. Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Company: Bride's Lament
  17. Georgia Engel: Love Is Always Lovely In The End
  18. Eddie Korbich and Company: George's Triumph
  19. Kecia Lewis-Evans, Company: I Do, I Do In TheSky
  20. Bob Martin, Company: As We Stumble Along (Reprise)
  21. Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert: I Remember Love (Bonus)
  22. Jennifer Smith: Message From A Nightingale (Bonus)
Cirque du Soleil: Quidam
Music by Benoit Jutras
  1. Atmadja
  2. Incantation
  3. Marelle
  4. Rivage
  5. Zydeko
  6. Let Me Fall
  7. Innocence
  8. Carrousel
  9. Steel Dream
  10. Séisouso
  11. Réveil
  12. Quidam

Acronyms and other mysteries defined:

OC: Unless otherwise indicated, the Original Cast recording of a Broadway show, along with the date.

OS: Unless otherwise indicated, the Original Soundtrack recording of a film, TV show, etc.

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