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Who Am Us, Anyway?

The_Doge of St. Louis has been my on-line "personality" since the late 1980s. Back then I was the host/producer of One Step Beyond, a free-form radio show on KDHX-FM in St. Louis that featured comedy, an absurdly wide variety of music (which is one reason it's no longer on the air; even on public radio they're highly allergic to programs that don't have a consistent play list), assorted weirdness from The Church of the SubGenius, and banter with my friend and co-host Deborah, a.k.a. "The Pope of University City" (University City being an interesting suburb of St. Louis). During an early episode, I remarked that if she was going to be The Pope then, logically, I should be The Doge since the Doge was the chief magistrate of Renaissance Venice and would therefore be the secular counterpart to the Pope, more or less.

At about that same time, I started cruising the Internet (back when it was all UNIX command line and we didn't have them slick GUI thingies you young whippersnappers have today) and used variations on "the doge" as my nom de net. It stuck. And I'm still stuck with it.

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Still Radio After All These Years

One Step Beyond may be no more, but they just can't seem to keep me off the air. Here's what I'm producing these days:

Live and on Stage

I've been appearing on stage for over 40 years now and will probably continue to do so until they make me stop.

Now Playing:
  • Join me for A Little Night Music Too at Schwaig Art Glass Works, 1916 Park Avenue in Historic Lafayette Square, on Saturday, March 13th, from 6 to 8 PM. I'll be giving a preview of my upcoming solo cabaret show Just a Song at Twilight: The Golden Age of Vaudeville, which I will unveil at the Kranzberg Center on March 26th and 27th (see below). Also on the bill on the 13th are Katie McGrath (catch her show on March 18th and 19th at the Kranzberg), Jeffrey M. Wright, Debbie Schuster, Julie DElaney Flanagan, and Dionna Raedeke. Carol Schmidt is music director.
  • The world premiere of my cabaret show Just a Song at Twilight: The Golden Age of Vaudeville takes place on Friday and Saturday, March 26th adn 27th, at the Kranzberg Center here in St. Louis. The show is produced by The Presenters Dolan and welcomed by 88.1 KDHX. Tickets and more information are available at or by calling 314-725-4200.
  • Check out the cool poster for Just a Song at Twilight. Graphics by Marjorie Williamson.
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Is That All There Is?

Not a chance! The links located stage right (that's left to you non-actor types) will give you some idea of the kinds of things I spend my not-so-copious free time on. There are also some pictures of yours truly as well as my acting resume, in case you're casting a film or show.

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