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The_Doge's Christian Nation Challenge!

(So far completely ignored)

The challenge is simple, really; provide the Biblical passages from which the following essential aspects of the American legal/governmental system have been derived:

  • Government by officials elected by the governed (republican democracy)
  • Separation of powers (executive, legislative, judicial)
  • Trial by a jury of one's peers
  • Presumption of innocence
  • Freedom from cruel or unusual punishment
  • Freedom from involuntary self-incrimination
  • Freedom of speech and assembly
  • Prohibition of the establishment of religion (could be a toughie!)
  • Right to keep and bear arms (or establishment of a militia; take your pick)
  • The concept (embodied in both the DOI and Constitution) that the power to govern resides with the governed and is granted by them to elected officials

Secular and historical models and sources for all of these are available, some of them pre-dating your religion. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to come up with Biblical ones that are at least as clear. Without them, claims that the American system of government is based on the Bible are unsupported, no matter how many quotes you post demonstrating this or that founder's belief in a God of some sort and no matter how much idolatry you insist on practicing on public land.


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